Erika Bauer
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Erika Bauer

Erika Bauer has experience helping people in diverse industries build a strong visual identity. An independent contractor since '99, Erika has designed and built world class identity systems and web sites for research centers, educational centers, PR firms, not-for-profit programs, online stores, and corporate brochure sites. She has prototyped user interfaces for online communications tools from companies such as Linkify, designed an intranet portal for Yahoo! USA Sales, and designed intranet benefits Website/CD packages for E*TRADE Financial. Most recently she redesigned the identity system and web site for the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) and developed the dynamic site together with her team engineer. Advanced features of the BIE site include php/database administration area for in-house personnel, Flash maps, and online product ordering.

Erika's background as an international print magazine director and an online magazine publishing pioneer has also given her deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a complex web site and what it takes to publish across different media. At Publish Magazine from 1996-99 Erika spearheaded the magazine's Web site development. After leaving to start her own business (e.b.Studios), she consulted on Eyewire's online magazine site redesign in Canada in 1999. Overall, in her web development projects, she emphasizes scalability, efficiency, beauty, and ease-of-use.

Erika's design process is content and user-focused, and enhanced by ten years of creative and technical writing experience, and art & online design training at schools including CCAC (, The Center for Electronic Art in S.F., and Lynda Weinman's Digital Arts Center in Ojai. Her previous Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and minor in Studio Art helps her see simplicity and beauty in the midst of complexity. Her previous graduate work in Writing at SFSU helps her deliver finely tuned pages to her clients.

Most recently, Erika has taught web design and development classes using Macromedia products at various training centers including Ciber Training, ISInc., and independently with Bay Area clients. Currently, she teaches interactivity and screen design in the Digital Graphic Design program at Ex'pression Center for New Media in Emeryville, CA.

web site: e.b.Studios
phone: 510-528-1929

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